Rum-A-Logy – You Don’t Have To Be A Pirate To Know All About Rum


That is the one thing that comes first to the mind of most people thinking about downing a rum drink. And THAT is, I think, the reason why people just don’t take this spirit seriously enough. Then there are highly overused image of hula dancers, swimming pool sized daiquiris and ill-handled college cocktails involving blunder like Bacardi and Root Beer. Everything adds up to that no-so-good-image of rum drinks that has formed into your mind. But there is a lot more to rum than what meets the eye. Trust me, there is a lot that you will miss out on if you exclude rum from your drinking preferences.
You will be surprised to know just how surprising rum can be. You can sip it, mix it, even dump it in a huge bowl of punch. So here is a comprehensive guide to different kinds of rum AND how to (really) drink it and do it right!

Light Rum

The name is enough to tell you what its about.. Light rum is just light or mild to be more specific. It is the stuff you will find used in Papa Hemingway’s favourite mixes – mojitos and daiquiris. It is where the good rum drinks started!

Gold Rum

True Gold Rum has spent a tad more time ageing in the barrel than light rum, which gives it the amber colouring. The taste? You will find it to be surprisingly more complex than its light counterpart, allowing you to do a lot more with it in terms of mixing cocktails. But beware! There are counterfeit varieties out there which haven’t really been aged well, just coloured with some additives. You might want to avoid those or else risk ruining your rum drinking experience!

Dark Rum

Now this is where all the rich stuff was hidden! Dark rum cocktails have much more depth in flavour and aroma, and you will be pleased to know that they are not ALL about the sweetness. In fact, the flavours can be anything from dark chocolate to coffee to tobacco or even nuts! The dark colour of the spirit is due to the amount of time it has spent ageing with the wood and it can actually be the perfect substitute for your whiskey or scotch. Try it, you will know!

Black Rum

And the really rich stuff.. this one will have the most syrupy molasses flavour, making it the perfect partner for lime and ginger beer based mixes.

Spiced Rum

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, spiced rums will give you the rush you were looking for. They are generally laced with natural spices including caramel and can even contain artificial flavouring. If Tiki cocktails are your idea of good rum drinks, this is the spirit you should be picking up.

Don’t hesitate in branching out into Rum to make your drinking profile more exciting. You will be surprised to discover a whole different dimension of flavour out there. And who knows.. you might even discover your inner pirate. Drink up me hearties yo-ho!

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Tim Davis is a renowned bartender and liquor expert who recommends as the best place to look for high quality dark rum drinks and cocktail information. You can find all kinds of tips and advice in his articles about how to handle this liquor and use it to make amazing concoctions.

Writing In The Digital Age

Most of us aware of just how fast our world changes.
These changes affect almost everything we do. It used to be that dad and son could be backyard mechanics and keep the family car running quite well. Remember when an aged relative would occupy the spare room in a home? Writing papers for a class assignment meant nothing more than doing some research, making notes on note cards, and a handwritten or typed report.
One skill that is being directly challenged by the 21st century is writing. Few are the writers of today who can afford to sit pen in hand in a cabin drinking whiskey, and waiting for sweet inspiration. Today a writer is in a position of needing to work efficiently and quickly. Why the change? First and foremost this change needs to be laid at the feet of the digital age.
First things first: What do I mean when I say writing in the digital age? Writing is writing isn’t it? Well yes and no. The role of a writer to tell interesting stories, usually in a narrative form hasn’t changed much. The change that has come about is how the writer completes their work.
Writing in the Digital Age; I use this as a descriptor for how one writes today compared to 20 years ago. The art of writing remains the same as it has for all of time. What I am referring to is the ways of writing. Today, more than ever before, an increasing number of people call themselves writers. More and more these writers are making a living practicing their craft. A whole new world has been made available to the writer. Today, with the advent of computers and the internet a writer can now spend more time creating his or her story than ever before. In fact, as I will point out along the way, more than ever a writer uses process. And an important part of the process is organization.
Some will argue that they write freestyle. That is, they will take a pad and pencil and just start writing about what their mind has created. These same people will also argue that once they are bound to following a step-by-step way of writing, they can no longer be creative. To this I say baloney. Even the most freestyle of writers follows a process. The craft of writing in whatever form it takes involves a process.
Process being those steps required to go from A to B. Process can be a conscious undertaking or it can be performed at an unconscious level. Furthermore, to be able to follow the steps of a process also requires a certain degree of organization. For some this is a difficult concept to grasp. These are the writers who have steadfastly held to a certain way of writing and don’t want to let go. You might hear one of them say “If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it.” What is not accounted for are the newer, quicker, and more efficient ways to go about writing.
The cornerstone for the 21st century writer is the digital world and all that entails. Mastery of the available tools to help you write is not blasphemy. It’s one of those “I told you so” stories. The ones that we all seem to have where we identify a significant modification, change, or maybe even a new way of doing something, but don’t act on it. Then just down the road someone else has the same idea and makes a million with it.
This is how the tools of the digital age are. Their power and ability to accomplish what we want done is amazing. Whatever step in the process of writing you are working on, the technology of the digital age offers you a better way of getting it done. There is a title of a book that stands out as an example of the kind of action needed to become a digital age writer, “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.”
A bit melodramatic, perhaps. But in essence it is true. If you ask “How can digital age technology help me become a better writer” you will discover new ways of using it.
Why now and why this approach? As a writer of many years’ experience I recently discovered that I was using tried and true writing tools from the 20th century. Thanks in no small part to the digital world, I have changed. I wanted to update the tools and approaches used by writers to reflect these 21st century changes.
Being a writer in the 21st century calls upon you to look at your passion with a fresh view. The writer of today must understand both the process of writing as well as the organization of writing. What’s different in how you write today than say 20 years ago? That is the question that is the question raised by this article.

Christmas Present Ideas For Men & Boyfriends

Finding great gift ideas for men can be a tiresome and difficult process. Whether it is for a birthday or Christmas present, he usually doesn’t drop too many hints. Most men are perfectly content with whatever gifts they receive, but avoiding the usual socks and underwear he is normally served up are recipes for success. This does not mean you can be complacent however with more innovative ideas such as luggage scales showing that you care enough about your man to actually put some thought into your presents.

How about some grilling equipment he can save for the summer?

If television has taught us anything, it is that middle-aged men love grilling food. There is something about having a barbeque outdoors that emits a smile of satisfaction. Grilling tools such as BBQ tongs and a tool belt will produce a more grateful response that you might imagine. There is something primal about cooking raw meat under the glorious sunshine that makes a man feel more masculine. Perhaps it is because of our caveman ancestors that it is such an enjoyable experience but rest assured, the George Foreman grill is one of the most popular gifts for men in the market. Allow your boyfriend to enjoy cooking steak, ribs and burgers in an apron while drinking a beer and watching sports on television. This is after all, what makes a man.

Gift Ideas For Boyfriends: High Quality Booze

One of the simplest but best received gift ideas for a boyfriend you can purchase is alcohol. This is a priceless Christmas present for him that will be enjoyed as long as it lasts! It should be remembered however that although alcohol is among the top gift ideas for men, it has to be something classy. There is no point purchasing cheap beer or wine. Give him a gift that makes him feel like an executive, not a hooligan at a football game. This means premium quality whiskey, brandy or scotch.

Gadget Gift Ideas For Men: Luggage Scales

Perhaps your male friend is a man of the world. In this case, one of the best gift ideas would be a set of luggage scales. This is a simple device that takes the hassle out of preparing for the airport. How often have you packed at the last minute and spent the journey to the airport fretting about the weight of your bags? Digital luggage scales are inexpensive and easy to use. You can simply slot it underneath the bag and lift it for an accurate reading. Most digital luggage scales are accurate to within a few grams and can handle bags weighing more than 35 kilograms (77 pounds). You could say that one of the best gift ideas for men is freedom and a set of luggage scales allows just that. It may even make them more inclined to set off on new adventures.

Above is evidence that presents for boyfriends and men can and should be innovative and enjoyable. This is something you and your woman friends should take into account. Online shopping makes the whole process of buying gifts for dad that much easier. The days of Christmas presents that consisted of hideous sweaters that no one would ever wear are long gone. Merry Christmas, and have fun shopping for present ideas.

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A Review of Camacho SLR Cigars

Cigar: Camacho SLR Strength: Full Body

Wrapper: Habano Origin: Honduras

Binder: Honduras Filler: Authentic Corojo

Cigar aficionados know that Camacho Cigars play a significant role in the realm of cigar history. This remains true with the release of the Camacho SLR, Special Limited Release. The Special Limited Release indicates that the cigar uses aged tobacco, some as long as five years. It also means that is produced in limited quantities. These cigars are produced in the Tabacos Ranchos Jamastran’s Danli, Honduras factory. The Camacho SLR is a rich, toasty, combination flavored cigar that comes in six different sizes. It comes in Torpedo- 6 inch x54 ring gauge, Gigante- 6 ¼ x54, Toro- 6×50, Rothschild- 5 x50 and Corona- 5 ½ x 44. It is a reasonably priced cigar, wrapped in a hand rolled, Honduran grown Cuban seed wrapper.

The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho. Mr. Camacho was forced into exile from Cuba and fled to Florida. He opened up his first factory in Miami, Florida. He was among the first to produce cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, The Camacho brand was then purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars. This is a company owned by the Eiroa Family. This brand grew to have an excellent reputation with many famous cigar aficionados well beyond its US borders.

The Camacho SLR is filled with Authentic Corojo filler that the Camacho brand is so well known for. It has a rich, brown colored wrapper. It is smooth to the touch, and is slightly oily. It has just a bit of give when you pinch it, and has no visual defects. The pre light draw has hints of leather, and wood, as do many of the cigars that carry the Camacho name. The draw is on the lighter side, with not much resistance. The burn is a bit wavy at the start, but is quick to correct itself. The ash holds together well. It is blue gray in color and produces a very nice amount of smoke.

The flavor of the Camacho SLR is a combination of wood, cocoa sweetness, coffee and a bit of spice. There is a hint of saltiness throughout, but this only compliments the sweetness, and in no way does it hinder the enjoyment of the smoke. The first third has notes of earth, cocoa and woods. The woodsy flavor remains the longest, yet we find that the cocoa is the strongest of the flavors noted. During the second third, the woodsy flavor comes out the strongest, but there are now hints of nuts, as well as coffee. The cocoa flavor begins to back off and gives way to a very nice buttery note. During the last third, the cocoa starts getting stronger once again, however, the woodsy flavor still remains. Overall, the flavors remain fairly consistent throughout the entire smoke. The average burn time is around fifty minutes, and lasting up to one hour.

With the boldness of the Camacho SLR, it might be best paired with a good whiskey or a single malt scotch. No matter when or where you choose to indulge in this treat, you will be happy you have one of these sticks waiting for you in your humidor.

Normann Cognac glasses are elegant

Cognac lovers understand that this is one of the most sophisticated cocktails in the world and has a inflexible manufacturing standard, over a vast tradition of superiority. Cognac is consumed by the elite in luxurious accommodations as an aperitif after dinner in normann cognac glasses. Cognac, with its long-standing conventions, is best eaten when served in its own special normann cognac glasses, so that grading can be enjoyed fully. Normann Copenhagen Cognac is the family of brandy, and is an alcohol distilled from grapes white. The difference between cognac and brandy is that it goes through the distillation step twice and aged in French oak barrels. Production standards of excellent Cognac are very strict, because it is mandated by French laws that dictate the type of grapes used and the exact location where they are harvested. Production and aging of Cognac will set up its categorization. Cognac is and will long continue to be, one of the most expensive drinks from around the world, and there is that special Normann cognac glasses from which this marvel of gold should be consumed from. One of Cognac glasses are the most popular Cognac Brandy normann cognac glasses which is one of the best glass manufacturing in the world. Their beautiful crystal covers all drinks imaginable and the design is developed based on the characteristic of each drink. Whether you’re drinking wine, whiskey or brandy, it offers a wide range of glasses to choose from. The normann cognac glasses are an elegantly shaped, heavy glass that makes drinking cognac even more enjoyable.

Flowerpot lanterns have creativity.

Norm 69 lanterns are a convenient and elegant to illuminate the area around your home. When used creatively panton flowerpot lighting can add stunning beauty to your courtyard, backyard, and garden. Ironically, most people spend considerable effort and time to create a beautiful setting around their houses and still pay no attention to the lighting appearance. Norm 69 lanterns strategically placed can greatly improve and will highlight the presence of plants and trees surrounding a subtle and haunting. They also provide a warm welcome to your visitors arriving at night. Depending on the occasion, season, and purpose a wide range of panton flowerpot are available in attractive designs and styles. What type of lantern is used depends on the location, comfort and purpose. If you are creative and have an aesthetic taste, you can combine the style, design, color and lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere. A lantern with well chosen outdoor lighting will simply magnify the beauty and atmosphere of the immediate landscape. A lantern which is attractive not only becomes the visual focal point, but it also highlights local features such as path, fountain, or flowerpots. Based on your taste, you can select a style to add a special attraction and visual the soft lighting in the immediate vicinity. Outdoor lanterns provide a great way to show your creativity and sense of aesthetics. With a little effort, you can turn your immediate environment, into a pleasant place after sunset.

The above description gives you the information regarding Normann copenhagen, Norm 69 and Panton flowerpot which are beautiful collectibles.

Boulevard Brewing Company Pikes Interest And Strives For Innovation

Kansas adopted Prohibition in 1881, long before the rest of the country. Anyone on the Sunflower side who wanted the simple pleasure of a cold beer on a hot day suddenly found himself having to cross state lines to find it—or to find it legally at least. The cluster of businesses hugging the border in the West Bottoms that arose to quench that collective thirst included a stretch of West Ninth Street between State Line Road and Genessee Street. Packed with two-dozen liquor stores and saloons, it famously was called “The Wettest Block in the World.”

The intrepid day-tripper can still spot remnants of Kansas City’s boozy past. The building still stands at Ninth St., where famous barman James Flanagan ran one of the city’s best-known watering spots. And the narrow, dark red brick building at 304 Delaware St. was once a depot for the Wiedemann Brewing Co.

A squat, brick structure at 955 State Line Road, built as an icehouse, is all that remains of a Schlitz brewing complex that once covered two city blocks. After buying out the local Muehlebach Brewing Co. in 1956, the “Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous” became a big presence in our town. Old timers still remember the Schlitz-sponsored Kansas City A’s radio broadcasts and the big “Go for the Gusto” sign at old Municipal Stadium.

Not all is lost, however: You can still get a drink in the West Bottoms. Today the building, the former home of Fahrenheit Gallery, is home to Korruption, a dive-y favorite of local artists. Long ago it was a workingman’s bar owned by Pabst Brewing Co., and a beautiful tile mosaic of the old Pabst logo still adorns the entrance.

Pabst also owned the building at the southeast corner of 21st and Central streets downtown—until Boss Tom Pendergast took over, that is. Like many breweries, Pabst stayed in business during Prohibition by making non-alcoholic “near-beer.” By 1920, notorious city boss Pendergast had muscled in on the business, and the renamed Pendergast Distribution Co. was, in all likelihood, the front for a massive, multicounty bootlegging operation.

The Little Brewery That Could

Once you’ve toured a bit of KC’s sudsy past, drive a few blocks to 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard for a taste of the present. The reservations you’ll need to tour the multilevel, ultra-modern Boulevard Brewing Co. are well worth the effort of calling ahead. Since 1989, when John McDonald lugged his first keg to Ponak’s Mexican restaurant down the street, Boulevard has grown into one of the city’s most dazzling success stories. The ninth largest craft brewery in the country, McDonald now sells beer in 20 states as far-flung as Alaska, employs nearly 100 locals and pumps out some 600,000 barrels of top-tier brew per year.

Once you’ve seen Boulevard make its magic, bought lots of cool stuff you don’t need at the gift shop, and indulged in the post-tour tastings, you may find yourself wanting more. As anyone who has ever toured a brewery can tell you, the much-ballyhooed free samples at the end are just that—samples. Not shockingly, breweries don’t want people to hang around all day and get hammered.

Beer with a Side of Food

Fortunately, Kansas City suffers no shortage of brewpubs. A happy consequence of the rise in craft brewing, these establishments let you satisfy two needs at once. There, one can quaff until tipsy, eat until sober and quaff until tipsy again. It’s pure genius—a man could pitch a tent.

From Leavenworth’s High Noon Saloon in the far north to Barley’s Brewhaus in the antiseptic wilds of Overland Park, the city teems with brewpubs combining occasionally good food with always-excellent fresh lagers and ales. Especially with the unlamented demise of River City Brewing in City Market, there’s nary a bad glass to be had.

But the city’s best brewpub has to be in Waldo—another of those ancient Kansas City drinking districts hugging the State Line. Barley’s big brother, 75th Street Brewery, was an electric shock that brought the old neighborhood back to life.

Once you’ve enjoyed a liquid lunch, get a friend to drive you north for some real drinking.

The Hard Stuff

Sure, a nice, cold pilsner goes well with a picnic or a ballgame, but only frat boys and girls who yell, “Whoo!” at nightclubs catch a buzz off the stuff. Real drinking requires hard liquor, and we’re going straight to a new local source.

Up in Atchison, Kansas, Seth Fox and his family run High Plains Inc.—the first (legal) distillery to operate in the state in 125 years. With no less than six generations of moonshining ancestors, Fox says he’s carrying on the family business.

The University of Kansas alum founded High Plains in 2005, building most of the equipment from repurposed scrap. The first storage tank, for instance, was a repurposed industrial vacuum cleaner. Tubing was taken from dairy equipment used for milking cows. Six years later, and in addition to its flagship, lower-priced Most Wanted Vodka and a premium Fox brand, High Plains is dabbling in tequila, makes a whiskey that’s aged for slightly more than five minutes, and even has dared to attempt the delicate art of crafting gin.

Moving from one of the newest distilleries in Kansas to the oldest in the country, the last stop on our tippling tour goes deep into the pre-Civil War past for a look at the future. Remarkable Weston, Missouri, has more than 100 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of them, McCormick Distilling Co., was founded in 1856, and is one of just two distilleries in the nation to be so honored.

Tours, unfortunately, were discontinued in 1995. But, really, how many big steel tanks does anyone need to look at? What counts at distilleries is what comes out. Despite their reputation for being a bargain brand, McCormick makes some very fine, old-school sippin’ whiskeys. Buy them—along with glassware, barware and other branded merchandise you don’t need—at the McCormick Country Store.

But don’t be fooled by all that down-home countrified marketing. The company doesn’t just revel in its past, rich as it is. It is looking to the future with 360 Vodka, made by Earth Friendly Distilling, a new McCormick division. Like every other product on earth these days, 360 is being billed as “eco-friendly,” but this is more than a standard greenwash campaign.

These folks are serious: Every 360 bottle is made from 85 percent recycled glass. All the shipping, labeling and marketing materials are 100 percent recycled content, and they use only water-based inks in printing.

Earth Friendly Distilling even has its own water treatment plant on site—impressive. Call it “saving the planet,” or just call it brilliant marketing. Maybe it’s a bit of both, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The makers of 360 Vodka have created a product you can feel good about drinking even as drinking it makes you feel good.

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Good Wine: Beaded Bubbles Winking at the Brim

Wine, when it was only French, was a luxurious drink of the rich and the classy. Wine, in its democratized forms, is now a luxury made available at every supermarket and has come a far way from its tradition of being produced in France and Germany.

Lately wine drinkers have the choice of selecting their bottle of wine produced in the vine yards of California, Chile, Australia and India, to name a few. Wine had always had a high brand image as a drink meant only for the aristocrats unlike beer, whiskey and brandy which is more associated the common man’s pub drink.

Complimenting this established popular perception, good French wine cost you the earth. Till a few decades ago, wine was made available through specialist wine outlets, stored in huge cellars and dispensed by wine-wise sommeliers in restaurants. But as more and more countries proved themselves to be sources wine as good as the French, supplies expanded dramatically and suddenly, wine became an affordable drink to all which has given reason to more people switching from stronger alcohol based drinks to more milder intoxication of wine.

Wine has therefore made a successful transformation from being an elitist and unaffordable drink to a drink for the masses.

There is a ‘French Paradox’ related to the lifestyle and food habits of the French. Despite French cuisine having a diet high content of saturated fats, the French have displayed a tendency to significantly low risk of cardiovascular disease. In short, what the French Paradox explains is, in spite of leading unhealthy lifestyles, their love for wine, helps the French lower their susceptibility and risk to cardiac and vascular illnesses.
Of the natural occurring fruits and vegetables, grapes are a good source of natural polyphenols, especially resveratrol, which has an effect on reducing blood sugar levels and clearing out toxins and fat deposits from the blood arteries and veins.

It’s the paired effects of alcohol and polyphenols, which result in its anti-oxidation properties that offer protection against cardiovascular morbidity, and cancers. The polyphenols levels are high in wine that is aged. Drinking a glass of red wine during and after meals helps to get rid of the bacteria and rinse the teeth, says a new study, and this effect is visible even in non-alcoholic wine, which even the teetotalers can now enjoy. The active components in red wine that protect teeth are some naturally occurring flavonoid compounds previously found to have antioxidant properties.

Daily consumption of red wine is said to reduce the risk of several types of cancers including lung and ovarian cancers. Decline in cognitive functions is one of the visible signs of growing old and aging.

Moderate wine drinkers face reduced risk of disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. The decrease in the blood flow to the brain can be countered by regular, moderate wine drinking, which otherwise could lead to dementia. The prescribed limit for an adult is three standard drinks of alcohol per day which turns out into approx. 100 ml for men and a little less for women.

Good Wine Advice brings you all that is good in wines. Their site offers you some great information about wine and cheese wine clubs and wine information, from growing regions to the latest in how to store and where to store.

Tour The Whisky Trail To Taste The Spirit Of Kentucky

For a taste of the true spirit of Kentucky, book a room at the Hampton Inn Elizabethtown Kentucky Hotel and set out on a journey along American’s whisky trail. To gain a real appreciation of fine Kentucky bourbon, it helps to know how it’s made and where it comes from. Elizabethtown is in the heart of whisky country with seven distilleries, a whisky museum and a bourbon heritage center all just a short drive away. Distillery tours and tutored tasting sessions serve up equal measures of enjoyment and education to create an unforgettable vacation experience.

Wild Turkey is a brand with a worldwide reputation. It is produced in scenic Lawrenceburg in a cliff top distillery overlooking the Kentucky river. You can observe every aspect of whisky production on guided tours through the facilities. Watch the fermentation process and taste the mash straight from the vat. See how the bourbon is distilled and sample the raw spirit. Learn how Wild Turkey is aged, blended and bottled.

Jim Beam is the world’s top selling brand of bourbon. It is distilled in Clarmont where the original home of T. Jeremiah Beam is a popular tourist attraction. You can tour the plant grounds, visit the rackhouse and learn about whisky barrels at the cooperage museum. In the tasting venue, try out two premium bourbons and discover what makes Jim Beam so distinctive. Beam fans can purchase hand signed bottles to take home.

Bardstown has earned a reputation as the bourbon capital of the world. It is home to the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History with a collection of artifacts telling the story of American whisky from its origins in pre-colonial times. The Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown engages the public in several interactive activities and offers tutored bourbon tasting sessions. The Historic Tom Moore Distillery holds guided tours.

Maker’s Mark is the oldest American distillery operating from its original site. Located in Loretto, it is a National Historic Landmark. The still house dates back to 1805 and the master distiller’s house, now used as a visitor’s center, was built in 1840. The tour will immerse you in old fashioned whisky making. An antique roller mill is used to crush the grain. Sour mash is fermented in giant cypress tubs using limestone-filtered water.

Some of the lesser known distilleries in the region offer unique points of interest. In Frankfort, you can tour the old Buffalo Trace warehouses where a unique steam aging method has been used since 1859. On the banks of the Salt River in Lawrenceburg, tour Four Roses distillery, built over a hundred years ago in Spanish Mission style. In the bluegrass country of Versailles, Woodland Reserve offers a national landmark tour as well as a distillery tour.

After a long day of tours and tastings, you’ll be glad to put your feet up and relax in the Hamilton Inn. All rooms have flat screen HD televisions, wired and wireless internet access, coffee maker, and cozy Cloud Nine bedding. Amenities include a complementary hot buffet breakfast, fitness room and indoor swimming pool. The comfort and convenience of the Hampton Inn Elizabethtown Kentucky Hotel make it the ideal base for your whisky trail adventure.

Have you always wanted to travel the Whisky Trail in Kentucky? Get inside info on fab accommodation now in Hampton Inn Elizabethtown KY guide.

What Is The Difference Between Wine and Spirits?

There is an incredible amount of differences between wine and spirits, although it is the similarities between wine and spirits that seems to be more noticed. Wine, on the one hand, is an alcoholic beverage which is produced from the fermentation of fruit juices, particularly that of grapes and the most popular wine producing countries. In order from most to least popular, are: France, Italy, Spain, United States of America, Argentina, China, Australia, South Africa, Germany, and Chile.

During the fermentation process, what happens is that the natural fruit sugar in the grapes is converted into equal parts of alcohol and carbon dioxide by the yeasts, and heat is released in this process, which explains why most of the delicate white wines are fermented in stainless steel temperature-controlled fermenters – so that they don’t ‘overcook’.

Spirits, on the other hand, are liquid preparations which are meant for consumption, and the word spirits generally actually refers to any and all distilled beverages that are low in sugars and which contain at least 35% alcohol content. Some of the most common types of spirits are: gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, absinthe, and tequila.

What are the Different Types of Wine and Spirits That are Available?

There are literally thousands of different types of wine and spirits that you can choose from, with this selection consisting of virtually any type of flavoring or mixture that you could ever want, and even if there is not a pre-made offering, you can simply make your own drink with wine and spirits.

With wine, there are high quality wines, which are usually ones which have been aged for extensively lengthy periods of time, but choosing the ‘best’ one is usually not possible, rather you should decide on a type and brand of wine by what you prefer, or dependant on what type of meal you are planning on having with it.

However, there are six basic types of wine, which if you learn about them you will find it easier to be able to select a wine when you need to. These six basic types are: dry red, dry white, rose, sparkling, fortified, and dessert wines.

The same basically applies for spirits as well, as the final decision can only truly be made on your own personal preferences, tastes, and choice, and perhaps as well the location you are going to and/or the food you are eating will be dependant on the overall choice as well.

Eddie Lamb publishes an abundance of information on a range of topical subjects. This article What is the Difference Between Wine and Spirits? , is just one of a host of useful articles about Wine Making listed on our site map at Wine Making Understood.

Excellent Ideas on Wedding and Wedding Guest Male Favors

Two dissimilar sexes sometimes have varied requirements and perception about the exclusive wedding tokens. Some favors are unisex meaning they are accepted by both the sexual category, but some might tilt to one sex than to the other one. To distinguish among the tokens for men from feminine ones, you should think of some specialty in such gifts. It will become useless if you will present the favors which are feminine in nature to male visitors like make ups or pulses etc. Male wedding tokens should demonstrate some mannish specialties connected with the behavior which men like. The more frequent wedding tokens for male can be stuff which are either of machine made or electronics. Obviously, male are known to be paying consideration to electronic items like diaries, shavers, watches, stop watches, cameras and calculators. All the electronics favors should be helpful so that all the time the guests make use of them they always memorize about your wedding day. Electronics might rate you much heavily thus it is known only the best of the citizens. With this, remember that the preservation and running should be extremely simple so that guests do not to dodge the gifts in initial few months only.

First of all you should map your gifts by approaching several themes for the marriage that will itself speak the nature of the tokens you will give to your guests. Such themes can be calculated by the time of the year the marriage is like either in the summer or spring or the winter or even autumn as well as the society you want to follow, the people you want to request, with that the origin of yours like Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Continental Europe, South East Asia, Latin or African etc. Other aspects which affect the condition are your religion as well as venue of the marriage. It will be Very hard to have the marriage with the summer themes in Alaska or somewhere around. Theme of the marriage will automatically create other kind of stuffs falling into the place as you required.

Liquor can also be used for appreciating the guest; for the most respected, and those who have played greater role in the lives of the wedding couple be give very expensive wines or other alcohol which has been aged for many years. The rest of the group can be given miniature alcohol bottles which contain alcohol like whiskey, rum, brandy or gin. The small packaging hold up to one tot and are very beautifully designed to resemble the bigger bottles. The guest can used the bottles as decorations for their homes as sitting rooms. In some cases the bottles can be personalized by inscribing the names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding and many others according to the side.

Other than this, perfumes of the men are also much more famous as marriage favors for men; but, the item to consider at this time is the wedding couple should take the quality which is good from the well known branded designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio, Gucci, Armani and much more like such tokens depending on the individual liking and bulk of finances you can afford. Men fragrances also rate lots and lots of cash, so be cautious about severance of gusts according to the occupation and group they belong is extremely necessary.

Other constructive gifts for men can be the things which can increase the look or the prettiness. Such tokens can be shades, cufflinks, ties, rings, gold smoking pipe or cigarette holder and many of such belongings. In choosing such things there must be thought on the stiffness, utilization, worth and rate they can add to goodness of guests or future prospects. So that the final point is that the men favors are effortlessly available and forever suit the guests.

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