Copper Jewelry; A Holistic Remedy And A Trendy Accessory

Jewelry casts the attractive spells on us whenever we catch its sight. Copper jewelry has a charm of its own. Copper is one of those metals that have been around since the advent of civilizations. It was used in making coins, weaponry, decorative items besides making jewelry. There are many who do not believe that fine jewelry consists only of expensive metals. Rather the design, craftsmanship and the make of a specific item lends it the quality of being labeled as fine one. Copper jewelry though not as expensive as gold or platinum but its appealing quality is not lesser even.

The popularity of fashion and costume jewelry has given a rise to the use of copper jewelry. It is being used with synthetic stones or as plain metal as well. The earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants all the items being made of this metal look absolutely stunning and attractive. The younger lot is the one big clientage of such jewelry. It is available in expensive features also where it has been embellished with precious and semi precious stones. But most of the time, it is in the affordable range making it easier to select and buy many pieces to go with different out fits.

Copper jewelry is said to have healing effects as well. It is considered good for the pain of the joints. The patients who are suffering from the arthritis may be witnessed wearing copper magnetic bracelets. This is not a recent practice rather centuries old phenomena. The use of copper as holistic remedy though appear like a myth but still being practiced by a lot even in this modern age. These copper bracelets are the most popular and commonly opted jewelry item.

Copper is used in plating procedures related to different metals. The silver bracelet that you saw in the mall can be copper layered with silver. It also serves as the base metal in gold plating. It is also used as an alloy to strengthen the softer metals. Like 14k gold earrings can be 45% copper in reality.

Copper jewelry is considered a strong love charm. As gold is ruled by the sun, copper is associated with Venus, the goddess of Love. Those astrological signs that are also ruled by the same planet, like Librans and Taureans are advised to wear this metal. The other quality of copper is that it gets transferred to the body of the wearer. You can notice green marks when you take off your copper bracelet but you need not to worry about them. This is the sign of copper entering your skin and it is not harmful rather considered good for your health.

Copper when used with tin becomes bronze and when used with zinc becomes brass. But copper when turned into different jewelry items looks absolutely tempting. You need to take very special care of these products as copper can give in to tarnishing easily. Whether you wear copper bracelet or earrings, these items will definitely enhance your personality and complement your out fit in the best possible manner.

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