Exterior Copper Detailing Is Solid Gold In Home Sales

Home sellers find that exterior detailing, including copper weather vanes, copper planters, and Brass doorknockers provide eye-catching curb appeal that draws potential buyers. Copper weathervanes and other exterior details also add a touch of welcoming elegance and a perception of added value that can help keep sale prices high.

Even in a seller’s market, it’s important that any for-sale home stand out from other choices on a buyers list. “A buyer may visit several realtors and look at up to two-dozen properties in one day,” explains businessman Russell Cazeault. “That means it’s critical to make a good and lasting impression. Exterior detailing like copper weathervanes, copper wind chimes and copper planters are an affordable way for home owners to say ‘Welcome Home’ to prospective buyers.”

Cazeault has been helping homes makes a good impression for 18 years. He is president of the Cape Cod Weathervane Company which offers a vast selection of decorative copper details and copper accents for home exteriors. “Our traditional Cape Cod copper weathervanes are hand-crafted by master artisans with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail,” says Cazeault with pride.

The company also offers a line of nautical weathervanes and has recently added Cape Cod Address Plaques to its product line. Copper weather vanes, brass door knockers, and cast aluminum address plaques are “functional as well as artful,” says Cazeault. This makes them an addition to the value of any home.

Command High Prices With 10 Low-Cost Fixes
Cazeault admits that copper weathervanes may not immediately spring to mind as an incentive for buyers. In fact, when it comes time to ready a home for sale, most owners grab their ladders and paint brushes, purchase lumber and tools, and make plans to do a little fixing up. Before long, they’ve spent all their evenings and weekends and all their money making interior changes that may never be seen because the exterior wasn’t inviting, explains Cazeault.

According to Cazeault, the best way to grab eyeballs is with his Top Ten Quick Fixes To Improve Home Sale Prices. These are things any homeowner can do that provides noticeable improvement. And each item takes no more than a few hours, many less than an hour.

***Buy quality welcome mats for all entry doors (This makes an unmistakable psychological impression.)

***Paint your front door (Cracked and peeling paint on a front door signals to a potential buyer that the house has not been well maintained.)
Changing the color of your front door is also an easy way to draw attention to your house, which is helpful when the For Sale sign goes up.

***Add a brass doorknocker. A door knocker adds old-world warmth and charm to an entry, observes Cazeault. Brass door knockers can be a real conversation piece. The hardest part for most people is deciding which knocker to choose. In most cases they are torn between two or three different styles.

***Substitute copper rain chains for old downspouts. “Copper rain chains channel water from the gutter to the ground, but they’re much more attractive than a downspout” They can drain into a basin, a rock garden, or directly into the ground

***Replace old house numbers with a new colorful address plaque. “Nothing dates a home more than shabby numbers that have lost their sheen,” explains Cazeault.

***Replace aging light fixtures with a copper lantern or brass onion lamp.
“The inexpensive plastic fixtures that the builder let you have for a song may be functional, but they do little to enhance your homes appearance,” observes Cazeault. A modest investment in a new brass light fixture can make a big difference in how your home is perceived)

***Add a cupola. it is recommended that a cupola be 1″ to 1.5″ wide for every foot of roof line

***Top it off with a copper weathervane. Standing high above your house silhouetted by the sky, an elegant copper weathervane adds timeless grace and gives your home that New England feel,

***Consider outdoor art. Use barn stars or wall art to enhance large empty windowless walls on the back of a home, garage or shed.

***Use copper urns and copper planters. For the horticulturally challenged, try arrangements of silk and plastic flowers

Easy To Mine Copper
Cazeault notes that consumers no longer have to chase down copper weathervanes and other exterior detailing items at local home stores or go through the sometimes frustrating process of having items delivered. Online companies like The Cape Cod Weathervane Company frequently stock a larger selection of truly unique decorative copper than most brick-and-mortar stores, says Cazeault. And we offer free delivery.

Ruby Ann Stevens is a native Cape Codder and freelance writer on Home Improvement and Business subjects.
In this article she interviewed Russell Cazeault from the Cape Cod Weathervane Company
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