Right way to drink water from Copper Vessels

Many of us know the health benefits of using copper utensils, but very few know the right way to use them. Looking at the benefits of copper vessels used for drinking and storing water, many hospitals equip their patients’ rooms with copper alloy finish, door knobs, bed rails, and tables. This is very helpful as Copper has anti-microbial properties.

What happens when water is stored in copper vessels?

When copper water vessel is used to store water overnight or for as long as 8 hours, a small portion of copper ions get mixed into the water. This process is known as the Oligodynamic effect which is helpful in killing a plenty of harmful fungi, microbes and molds etc.

What does Ayurveda say?

Ayurveda says that when you consume water from copper water vessel, it balances the 3 doshas present in the body. The therapeutic water stored in copper vessel is beneficial to maintain your overall health.

How should Copper Vessels be used?

It is very important to buy vessels that are made out of pure copper. Do not purchase the ones that are made using other metals mixed with copper. Some of the widely available copper vessels used for drinking are Ayurveda water bottle which is a pure copper water bottle and there are many more which are easily available through online portals.

Once you buy one, rinse the vessel using enough water. Then, fill the copper water vessel with water and cover it. Allow the water to rest for a minimum of six hours to a maximum of 8 hours and then you can drink it. You can also follow the Ayurvedic practice from ancient times.

Keep water in copper vessel by your bedside overnight and drink the water on empty stomach after you wake up in the morning. This practice helps to regulate your bowel movements. This practice is helpful in keeping your digestive system healthy and prepares your metabolism for the day ahead. You will feel light and fresh every day.

Health benefits of storing water in a copper vessel

* Prevents all types of water-borne disease

* Helps in weight loss regime

* Slow down the process of ageing

* Improves digestive system

* Maintains good heart health

* Regulates the function of thyroid glands

* It is anti-inflammatory

* Maintains proper hemoglobin level

* Eliminates free radicals

Well, drinking water stored in copper vessel has a plenty of health benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can consume this water throughout the day. Drinking this water once in the morning and then in the evening is sufficient to obtain right amount of copper required by our body. Also, do not drink water stored in copper vessel throughout the year. Experts suggest that once you start drinking this water, continue it for 3 months and then stop drinking this water (water stored in copper vessel) for a month. After taking a break of one month you can start drinking the copper vessel water again for another 3 months.

Maria always writes blogs and articles about the use of different alternative option for our general health. She strongly recommended copper vessels used for drinking for better health.
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