Uses of Copper and Nickel Alloys

The alloys of copper and nickel such as 90/10 and 70/30 are very well known for their reliable performance in marine applications. In order to improve strength and corrosion resistance in sea water nickel is added to copper in small quantity and copper acts as a base metal in their alloys. Their sea water corrosion resistance properties have been recognized and successfully make it demandable for this century. Several copper and nickel alloys are there for commercial purposes that are designed with particular properties and end use in mind. Typical applications of these alloys include the fire work system, process cooling lines, generator coolers, sea water piping, distillation plants and sanitary plumbing services.

In most of the metal alloys nickel is found sometimes in small quantity and sometimes in large depending on the properties of alloy we need for the job. Nickel is added in very small percentage in stainless steel in order to improve its strength and also makes it corrosion resistance and durable especially when combined with chromium metal at both temperatures high or low. The most common alloy of copper and nickel is cupronickel that contains nickel, iron and manganese. This alloy is most commonly used in the making procedure of medals and coins and other semi valuable applications.

Individually copper and nickel have different properties such as copper is ductile, non reactive, highly conductive and soft material whereas nickel is corrosion resistance material and relatively very hard. There are several other copper and nickel alloys such as Alnico, Alumel, Chromel, Ferronickel, German silver, Hastelloy, Monel metal, Nickel carbon, Nichrome, Nicrosil, Nisil, Nitinol, and Inconel etc.

Copper nickel alloys have similar machining properties as of other high strength copper base alloys. These alloys are also used in the ship building industry from several years due to its sea water corrosion resistance properties and are considered as an economical choice when used on large scale. Despite of its high cost the copper nickel alloy is widely used only because of its several and important benefits. When they are used on large scale they will cost you significantly lower than the total expenditure over the service.

In order to increase the life of the platform, the copper and nickel alloy should be well designed and developed. Remember the properly designed copper and nickel alloy needs less maintenance because it resists corrosion. In addition you can buy it as per your requirement as these are available in different shapes and sizes such as pipes, fittings, tubes and other industrial products. In addition this element makes ease of installation offshore because of its less weight which obviously it’s great advantage. However it just requires special handling and packaging with platform safety as well.

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