Different types of copper wire products

If we were to have any discussion on electrical wires at large, then in that case the first category of wire that is likely to come up in our minds is none other than the copper wire. When we happen to make a comparison between the different electrical wires that are available in the market, it is only the copper wire that ends up coming out as the real winner.

Even if you were to put side by side aluminum and copper wires, it is a well-known fact that most of the individuals would go in the favor of copper wires. This is because a good deal of benefits are known to be associated with copper. On a very primary level, copper is believed to be one of the best conductors of electricity. Apart from this copper happens to be a very ductile metal, which is exactly why you can turn it into any shape of your choice without carrying the fear of the same breaking apart.

However, are you aware of the fact that copper wires are recyclable? If not, let me tell you that if you have any old copper wires lying in your store room, then in that case now is the time for you to go ahead and sell the same in order to make sure that it is recycled. If you take this particular step, then you will not just be able to make some quick bucks for yourself, but at the same time will be proud about your environment friendly task. All said and done, in order to go ahead with the recycling of copper, you will be required to follow one such pre-decided process for the same. If you happen to be in agreement with the above mentioned procedure, then in that case recycling copper is likely to become a cakewalk for you.

Yet, another category of wires is none other than the tin coated Copper wire. You must be wondering why tin is generally coated around copper wires. Let me bring an end to this particular confusion of yours. Tin is believed to protect the copper from oxidation, which is exactly why a tin coated copper wire can be seen put into heavy use. Apart from this, the tin coating is also believed to prevent the copper wire from the general wear and tear, which is yet another reason that has ended up giving a boost to the use of tin coated copper wires.

Last, but not the least we will be talking about glass wires at large. For all you people who are unaware let me bring to your notice the fact that stranded wire is generally used in order to roll out a glass wire. Glass wire tends to be resistant to high temperature, which is exactly why it is put to use in equipments like the electric motor, alignment heater and even submersible motor to list down a few. If you wish to know more about a copper wire, a tin coated copper wire or even a glass wire for that matter, then in that case you can simply consider glancing through the above article.

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