Finding The Best Copper Piping Prices On The Net

What type of difference are you likely to find regarding copper piping prices? What is the difference between the pricing of copper pipes and how does the quality or type of copper piping depict what price you will pay? Both legitimate questions for the home handy man and professional tradesman alike. Not all copper piping is the same.

Different types of copper piping are suited to different jobs and functions. It is easy to suggest that the price you will pay for copper piping will be the same no matter what type of copper piping you will be purchasing – this is not the case however.

To begin with, let’s look at the various types of copper piping and how it is used, K type copper piping is best suited for underground use and has a thick wall. M is a hard type of copper pipe and is not very flexible – this is normally what is used in the walls of your house. L type copper piping is the one you will be using to fix Aunt Gladys’s hot water service as it is more pliable and best suited to above ground use.

All of these types of copper piping are priced at different costs and do specific jobs, copper piping prices vary between all of these forms of copper piping and you are likely to pay more for treated forms.

The differences between the prices of copper piping may seem insignificant. However if you are purchasing a large volume it will add up to a significant amount. Depending on the supplier of the copper piping differences in prices can range from 5 to 10 cents per meter or foot up to 20 to 50 cents per meter or foot for treated copper piping. If you factor in this difference over a large volume of copper piping, the price difference can be quite excessive!

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