How to Clean Copper Pots

There are numerous kinds of cookware that you should buy, but copper still appears to stand out as a good choice. It’s been in use for a considerable time, and some folk still in particular seek it out to purchase. Copper pots conduct heat well and distribute it uniformly. There are some cooks that like the way it cooks so well that they will not use anything more.

You may want to consider the indisputable fact that copper pots do need more care than some others. Copper cookware needs to be treated gradually and inclined to. You cannot just use it, and then throw it in the sink to sit for days, only to push it into a cupboard with all of the other cookware. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you’re going to spend the cash to buy nice cookware like copper, you want to know the way to care for it. The only real drawback to copper pots is that since copper tarnishes easily, you’ll need to polish it often to keep it looking nice. A copper pot should also be cleaned straight away after it’s used by you. This is the most effective way to preserve its glossy appearance and utility. Don’t use abrasive pads to wash the copper pot. This can hurt the metal lining on the inside and show your food to the copper.

Cleaning was easy with iron pans. Iron pans should be scoured, then greased and placed in the cooker or drawer for future. The greasing of the iron pan stops fried foods from sticking to it, sure, but it also guarantees the pan would not rust.

Cleaning copper pots is a bit different copper pots must be cleaned in different way because copper is an excellent conductor of heat. This trait makes copper pots excellent for cooking, but also causes then to tarnish rather easily. This method will keep your copper pots as shinny as they were the day you brought them home.

First you need a lemon and some kosher salt. These items can be bought at any grocery store.

Step one would be to cut the lemon in half and remove the seeds, and then dip the half of the lemon in the kosher salt. Then rub the lemon in a circular motion on the pot until the tarnish and burn marks come off.

After you have removed all the tarnish and burn marks from your copper pot rinse it in cold water and dry you pot. It will be as clean and shiny as the day you brought it home.

While there are many copper cleaning products on the market they are not cheap and for what it is worth I have tried many of these methods and this simply is the best method for polishing copper pots that I have found. This by chance is also the cheapest method I have found. So give it a try if it does not work you are only out the cost of a lemon.

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