Rum-A-Logy – You Don’t Have To Be A Pirate To Know All About Rum


That is the one thing that comes first to the mind of most people thinking about downing a rum drink. And THAT is, I think, the reason why people just don’t take this spirit seriously enough. Then there are highly overused image of hula dancers, swimming pool sized daiquiris and ill-handled college cocktails involving blunder like Bacardi and Root Beer. Everything adds up to that no-so-good-image of rum drinks that has formed into your mind. But there is a lot more to rum than what meets the eye. Trust me, there is a lot that you will miss out on if you exclude rum from your drinking preferences.
You will be surprised to know just how surprising rum can be. You can sip it, mix it, even dump it in a huge bowl of punch. So here is a comprehensive guide to different kinds of rum AND how to (really) drink it and do it right!

Light Rum

The name is enough to tell you what its about.. Light rum is just light or mild to be more specific. It is the stuff you will find used in Papa Hemingway’s favourite mixes – mojitos and daiquiris. It is where the good rum drinks started!

Gold Rum

True Gold Rum has spent a tad more time ageing in the barrel than light rum, which gives it the amber colouring. The taste? You will find it to be surprisingly more complex than its light counterpart, allowing you to do a lot more with it in terms of mixing cocktails. But beware! There are counterfeit varieties out there which haven’t really been aged well, just coloured with some additives. You might want to avoid those or else risk ruining your rum drinking experience!

Dark Rum

Now this is where all the rich stuff was hidden! Dark rum cocktails have much more depth in flavour and aroma, and you will be pleased to know that they are not ALL about the sweetness. In fact, the flavours can be anything from dark chocolate to coffee to tobacco or even nuts! The dark colour of the spirit is due to the amount of time it has spent ageing with the wood and it can actually be the perfect substitute for your whiskey or scotch. Try it, you will know!

Black Rum

And the really rich stuff.. this one will have the most syrupy molasses flavour, making it the perfect partner for lime and ginger beer based mixes.

Spiced Rum

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, spiced rums will give you the rush you were looking for. They are generally laced with natural spices including caramel and can even contain artificial flavouring. If Tiki cocktails are your idea of good rum drinks, this is the spirit you should be picking up.

Don’t hesitate in branching out into Rum to make your drinking profile more exciting. You will be surprised to discover a whole different dimension of flavour out there. And who knows.. you might even discover your inner pirate. Drink up me hearties yo-ho!

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