Copper Theft Prevention Los Angeles – How to Reduce the Risk?

Copper theft is causing a big financial impact in the U.S. affecting businesses and even vacant homes. Understanding the incentives behind this crime is necessary to devise an effective preventive strategy. The most obvious incentive of copper theft is the continuing increase in the price of copper. The other incentive is the visibility and availability of copper. According to law enforcers, most of the copper thefts can be credited to individuals who are addicted to methamphetamine. Although several legal metal recycling firms have cooperated with local enforcers to ensure that only legal transactions take place, problems still exist as there are no laws that deal with the amount or recording of operations at recycling facilities.

Aside from the financial impacts of copper theft, there are other problems associated with this crime. There have been incidences of thieves getting severely burned for attempting to steal copper, and there are cases of documented casualties. There is also the possibility of major service disruptions for which irrigation projects, utility companies, and rail service were all affected.

Copper theft prevention Los Angeles companies suggest the following tips to reduce the risk of copper theft.

* Get your security manager to organize a tour of the building or facility with the local police. Show the law enforcement the important assets needed for the uninterrupted safe operation of the business. It is common for the local police to provide measures to enhance security. Request them to increase patrol activity. Ensure to have coffee for those patrolling during evening hours. It is essential to establish rapport with the local police.

* Work with the local government officials. Talk to your local government officials to increase the punishment for those found guilty of copper theft together with the setting up of better accounting and transaction processes of recycling companies. Coordinate with other local companies that are also vulnerable to copper theft to make your appeal stronger.

* Manage the shipment and supply of copper appropriately. Avoid excessive stock of copper by scheduling delivery appropriately. Keep huge quantities of copper in storage containers, wire cages or lockable buildings. Use a liability system for storing copper onsite.

* Cover or hide the presence of copper. Copper that is readily visible attracts attention compared to concealed copper. To hide copper, cover the equipment from normal view. Transfer the equipment with copper to a more secure and less noticeable location or paint the equipment with another color if it cannot be moved.

* Install a reliable security system. Get in touch with security systems Los Angeles companies and inquire about the proper security system applicable to your security needs. Videofied is a security system that can help prevent copper theft. It is a wireless night vision video that comes with a motion sensor and infrared illuminators and runs on batteries. Security systems companies offer products that can make your facility secure not only for copper theft but also for other security needs. However, ensure to choose a security system company that has a good history of excellent service and professionalism.

Reducing the risk of copper theft is possible, as long as you implement the necessary precautions. For More Information Visit:

mall businesses in the US consist of almost 99.7% of employer firm that accounts for more than half of all jobs in the country. The American dream of owning their own business has opened countless opportunities all through the past several years. However, the upsurge in small businesses has at the same time increased the occurrence of crimes for these businesses. A recent research revealed that crime contributes to about 30% of why small businesses fail.
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