Relevancy of Copper Products in Various Industries

Copper is an irreplaceable metal in the electrical sphere and that’s why it is considered as one of the exceptional products in the worldwide market areas. One of the best part is that it is less valuable, light weighted and quite compromising. It is such type of metal that can easily function as an essential material for making different kinds of copper products, which are briefly explained as below:

Flexible Connectors – It is made by using high conductivity electrolytic copper foils or sheets. There are several procedures for making these connectors that are easily accessible in the market with the best resistant and sturdy construction.

Forged Clamp- It is used in several areas like Calcium Carbide Unit, Ferro Alloys Industries, Alloy Steel Plant and many other industries. Actually, these clamps are forged and having compact structure that is completely leak proof and having no blowholes. In addition to this, the clamp structure is formed leading in better surface reach with electrodes.

Hollow Bars- It is mostly used in injection molding machine, ship equipment and engineering industries. Also, these are utilized in connector assembly, fastener, lock, spring and so on. These bars are highly reckoned for its good wear proof and Self-lubricating performance.

Rods- These rods are built by taking help of advanced machinery and are used in several application areas. All these rods are highly built by using copper material and are reckoned for its better performance and compact structure.

Flat Bars- These bars are of flat shape and are made by shaping or hot rolling and working out to give the required dimensions. All these bars are generally accessible in different type of thicknesses, sizes and weights. Moreover, these can be used for various functions like Transformer Connectors, Earthing Protection in L.T. and H.T. Electrical Panels, Bus Bars, Control Panels, and much more.

Rivets- The main benefits of these rivets are that these can screw inside teeth and can rivet it to a more eminent degree of co-products. These are highly acclaimed by most of the industries due to its precise look, smooth surface and corrosion resistant features.

C Section- It is having a section of C shape that is made by using high grade Cu materials. The copper C section is highly popular for its compact shape, sizes and dimensions. These are used in various industries like electrical, automobile and much more.

Hollow Conductor- Hollow conductor is built by using high-conductive materials that are mostly utilized in various industries like magnet, generators and electric motors. These are available in various sizes and dimensions that can suit the needs of various industries.

However, there are several kinds of copper products that are also demanded in the market place and they are like LWC Tubes, Flat Wire, Anode, Strips, Bus Bars, Balls, Winding Strips, Wire, etc. All these products are mainly used by following industries:

Electrical Power Generation and Distribution
* Communication
* Defence
* Railways
* Automobile Industry
* Atomic Energy
* Space
* Chemical and General Engineering

While summing up, there are some reputed manufacturers that are engrossed in serving all types of copper products in all across the world.

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