What Is The Difference Between Wine and Spirits?

There is an incredible amount of differences between wine and spirits, although it is the similarities between wine and spirits that seems to be more noticed. Wine, on the one hand, is an alcoholic beverage which is produced from the fermentation of fruit juices, particularly that of grapes and the most popular wine producing countries. In order from most to least popular, are: France, Italy, Spain, United States of America, Argentina, China, Australia, South Africa, Germany, and Chile.

During the fermentation process, what happens is that the natural fruit sugar in the grapes is converted into equal parts of alcohol and carbon dioxide by the yeasts, and heat is released in this process, which explains why most of the delicate white wines are fermented in stainless steel temperature-controlled fermenters – so that they don’t ‘overcook’.

Spirits, on the other hand, are liquid preparations which are meant for consumption, and the word spirits generally actually refers to any and all distilled beverages that are low in sugars and which contain at least 35% alcohol content. Some of the most common types of spirits are: gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, absinthe, and tequila.

What are the Different Types of Wine and Spirits That are Available?

There are literally thousands of different types of wine and spirits that you can choose from, with this selection consisting of virtually any type of flavoring or mixture that you could ever want, and even if there is not a pre-made offering, you can simply make your own drink with wine and spirits.

With wine, there are high quality wines, which are usually ones which have been aged for extensively lengthy periods of time, but choosing the ‘best’ one is usually not possible, rather you should decide on a type and brand of wine by what you prefer, or dependant on what type of meal you are planning on having with it.

However, there are six basic types of wine, which if you learn about them you will find it easier to be able to select a wine when you need to. These six basic types are: dry red, dry white, rose, sparkling, fortified, and dessert wines.

The same basically applies for spirits as well, as the final decision can only truly be made on your own personal preferences, tastes, and choice, and perhaps as well the location you are going to and/or the food you are eating will be dependant on the overall choice as well.

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