Copper Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sinks are one of the most essential utility equipments in the house. When it comes to the sinks, there’s a plethora of materials that homeowners can choose. Obviously, there will be pros and cons of each material as well as the variety in the price; but if you are looking for something elegant and artistic for your kitchen and one that can enhance its overall aesthetic appeal, then copper kitchen sinks should be on your top list. Here’s some information and tips that you should know before buying copper kitchen sinks.

Copper, though underutilized, is a special kind of metal that actually makes a great material for kitchen sinks. The biggest advantage it has over other materials is the fact that copper can fend off bacteria. Bad news for germs as it is practically a hostile environment for them to live on – but obviously good news for you and your family. Just make sure you get the copper kitchen sinks that has no special coating.

Copper is also resistant to stain and can resist discoloration pretty well. These are but more reasons for you to get copper kitchen sinks, as it is definitely a better long-term investment. However, you want make sure you only choose good quality copper or even the finest one for your copper kitchen sinks, which is easily distinguishable by its thickness, weight and dent-resistant nature.

What’s even more wonderful, copper comes in quite a range of different colors – depending on the coloration technique used – so you can get one color that fits your house and kitchen design. From weathered copper or dark bronze, shiny reddish copper, to brown copper; you can definitely give your copper kitchen sinks that touch of warm and cozy feel and look with these colors.

If the advantages above have convinced you to get copper kitchen sinks, use the general tips below on buying sink -specifically copper sink – to make sure your purchase of copper kitchen sinks will be one that you will cherish for your whole life.

When buying any types of sinks, or specifically copper kitchen sinks, you want to make sure that the sink has seams – because some might not come with proper one. You should check whether or not the seams are welded with copper metal, so that it will last and not give away fast. Whereas for the thickness, the thickness of the copper should be between 14 – 18 gauge. You don’t want to get thinner sinks as they will get dent easily and will make a loud noise when being struck. Confirm that the thickness of the copper is the same throughout by inspecting the gauge at every point.

You need to know that maintaining a copper sink is no easy feat. Make sure you keep the sink free of unwashed dishes and always wipe it down with soap and water after usage. Don’t use any strong and abrasive chemicals that may damage your copper kitchen sinks. It can be rather difficult to maintain the glowing look of a new copper sink, but with proper care, it will grow more aesthetically pleasing over time.

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