CopperSinkscom specializes in custom orders of copper sinks

Maybe by now you are aching to give your bathroom or kitchen a new and unique look. By now you want a sink that perfectly matches your taste and blends well with the overall design of your house. But your trip to at least five suppliers in your city has not helped a bit.

This is the time for customized copper sinks for you. Why copper? It does not corrode. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, there are many designs, colors and textures. It’s affordable. What more can you ask?

Your ideal sink is very clear in your mind. You have high standards. You won’t go for amateurs. You would go for someone with no less than 30 years of experience. By now, you badly want a name that you have wanted to call since yesterday.

The name you’re looking for is, no other. It has specialized in custom orders of copper sinks with happy customers across the United States.

Here are ten reasons why call now is the best use of your precious time today:

1. offers FREE customization, believe it or not.

2. You can send your own design and would handcraft the sink for you within two weeks.

3. Alternatively, you can select from and modify any of its more than 400 existing designs.

4. You can vary the size. The only size that matters in is the size that you want.

5. You can vary the color. You have a choice among oil rubbed, brown patina, antique copper, natural copper, old copper and polished copper.

6. You can vary the engraving. There is no limit to the creativity that can be applied to our copper sinks.

7. Customization procedure:

Step 1 – After receiving your design, we verify if we fully understand your design requirement through the spec sheet.
Step 2 – We review and revise the spec sheet with you until you give us the go signal to proceed.
Step 3 – We craft the copper sink for you within two weeks.
Step 4 – We send you photos of the finished copper sink to verify if we have properly implemented the design you have specified.
Step 5 – At your signal, we ship the copper sink to your home.

8. All products are handcrafted by artisans. They are works of the hand, not of machines. The human touch is all over each sink. No wonder why you and your friends would relate well and fall in love with them.

9. We guarantee our workmanship. Your hard-earned money deserves only the highest value. Not only do we understand that, it is also central to our business philosophy.

10. Our prices are very reasonable. They are competitive against standard sinks you can find in the market.

Jami Miller of Mead, Colorado has this to say about her experience with us:

“Great communication and incredibly fast delivery! Thank you we love them!!! A+ excellent quality made product heavy copper beautiful patina quick shipping!!”

By now, you already understand that you can expect to be as happy as or even happier than Jami Miller by the time you receive your priced copper sink.

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