Copper; the Chemical Element with Atomic Number 29

A chemical element that has the atomic number 29, copper is ductile metal. Very good conductor of heat as well as electricity, pure copper is soft as well as malleable. Pinkish in color, this metal has been in use since the copper ages. Originally known as the metal of Cyprus , the name developed into “copper” with the passage of time.

Features of Copper

Basic features of copper as a metal are –

* Its atomic number is 29;

* Its atomic weight is 63,546;

* Melting point of copper is 1084.62 0 Celsius;

* Its boiling point is 2562 0 Celsius;

* Density of copper is 8.933 grams per cubic cm;

* State of oxidation is +1, +2, +3, +4; and

* State in room temperature is solid.

Compounds of copper exist in several oxidation states with the common state being 2+. At this state the metal remains blue to green in color.

Important Uses of Copper

One of the oldest metals used by men, copper has multiple industrial and general uses. Major industrial uses of copper are –

* It ranks 3 rd after iron and aluminum in terms of industrial consumption;

* Extremely ductile, malleable, and with thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion, copper is extremely suitable for industrial purposes;

* In combination with nickel, copper is used as cupronickel and monel for the purpose of ship building;

* High level of heat dissipation, the metal is used in steam engines;

* In liquid form copper is used as wood preservative;

* Copper is mostly use for manufacturing coins in most of the countries;

* European Union , UK , Australia , New Zealand , and USA use copper coins.

Major Copper Use

Copper is mainly used in the construction industries; especially for plumbing, roofing, and cladding. Light and durable, it helps maintenance of free structures in buildings. Best use of copper is for creating hygienic surfaces in hospitals due to its anti-microbial characteristics.

Use in Electrical Apparatus

More than 65% of copper produced throughout the world is used for electrical applications. It is used for power generation and transmission of electricity and is also used in transformers, motors, generators, bush bars, and in various other articles like PC, TV, mobile phones and devices requiring circuitry

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