7 Common Myths About Rum Busted

Rum is considered to be among those exotic kind of drinks. It is also referred to as the Englishman’s drink, but it has pleased a lot of palates from different age groups. If you are one who is fond of drinking it, you might have heard of a handful of myths going around. Let us clear the air to help you not only to be more knowledgeable about the drink, but to enjoy it better by landing the best kind.

Rum has to be sweet.

One of the biggest myths about rum is that it has to be sweet. This stems from the fact that the drink is made from sugar, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be sweet. It is yeast that converts sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Now you have to understand that when referring to beverages, sweetness pertains to the level of alcohol or its dryness. White rum, in particular, can be as dry as any liquor, especially since if it is aged in oak. Wood flavourings and tannins add to the richness of the drink.

Rum is basically made from the same kind of sugar.

A brand that specifies the type of rum that is used on their label is actually a good indication since not all rum are created from the same type of sugar. Some brands may use evaporated can juice and brown sugar. Others use grade A molasses and brown sugar. A lot of distillers use grade B molasses, but the problem with this is that it contains some amounts of sulfur and ash, which create common flaws in distillation.

The term “rhum” is just a typo, and basically means the same thing.

A lot of labels actually have the word Rhum instead of Rum in them. This is often seen in rums that come from French-speaking areas. However, this is not just a French contrariness, just as whiskey and whisky differ. Rather, it differentiates rum that is made from fresh sugar cane juice to that made from molasses.

Companies make their very own rum.

No, not all companies make their own rum. There are those who purchase it from another company, usually a larger factory and then they distribute this as their own. One way for you to know this is to check where it says “Distilled and bottled by” on the label. If the name indicated does not correspond to that on the front, this means that the rum is bought from another distiller.

Price determines quality in rum.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that just because a rum is more expensive it went through a more stringent process of distillation. This also doesn’t guarantee an edge in taste. There are a lot of affordable rum that actually had a lot of people, who may not have the budget to buy expensive labels, enjoy the taste and richness of this drink.

All rums are aged.

Unfortunately, not all rums actually went through the actual aging process. Some are forced to age fast or dyed to give it that older appearance. There are also artificial age flavourin that do the trick. Since this type of aging process is not natural, it makes that particular brand subpar. So if you want to make sure that you get a rum that is of quality, better do your research to find distilleries that do things naturally.

Rum is best mixed with fruit juices or other sweet beverages.

Traditionally, rum has been known to be a cheap spirit that is often mixed with fruit juice in parties. But this is not the only way to enjoy this drink. Rum, especially the finest aged ones, are best appreciated neat. This way, you get to enjoy the beauty of the process that goes into carefully crafting the resulting flavour.

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