Enjoying Copper Jewelry

Copper jewelry is loved by many due to its beauty and versatility. Since copper is so easy to work with, due to its malleability, many imaginative designs can be created using this metal. Another added benefit to wearing copper jewelry is that it might also provide health benefits.

If you look around, you might be surprised at how many people wear copper bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Many people believe that by wearing copper jewelry, your skin will absorb minerals from the copper and provide the wearer with positive health benefits. Key to efficient metabolism, absorption and transportation of iron throughout the body, and melanin production in the skin, copper is an essential trace mineral.

Even though copper is an important trace mineral for a healthy mind and body, it is still quite questionable whether or not wearing copper jewelry provides any direct health benefits. Claims have included easing the pain of arthritis or helping to improve the condition and appearance of skin. Magnetized copper bracelets are commonly sold as arthritis remedies and can be purchased over the counter at your local drug store. These types of bracelets can help alleviate pain due to rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.

Historically, it was favored by many ancient cultures since it could be worked easily into many different forms. There are striking examples of early copper jewelry from Egypt, Eastern Europe, and Iran. In its natural occuring state, copper was likely the first metal used by early man. Copper was used as a substitute for stone by Neolithic humans around 8000 B.C. Copper castings first appeared around 4000 B.C. by the Egyptians, and 500 years later, around 3500 B.C., it was alloyed with tin to produce Bronze. Copper was associated with the goddess Aphrodite/Venus in mythology and alchemy, owing to its lustrous beauty and its ancient use in producing mirrors. The name copper is derived from the Latin aes Cyprium, which means “metal of Cyprus,” which was later shortened to cyprium, and later corrupted to cuprum.

Unless it’s treated, copper jewelry will oxidize over time. When copper tarnishes it turns a beautiful green color. Copper usually reacts harmlessly with skin oils to turn both itself and surrounding skin green. You will have a higher chance of your skin turning green the more often you wear your jewelry, especially rings.

One of the largest concentrations of native copper in the world is in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. Other deposits can be found in Australia, Germany, England, Bolivia, Russia, and in Arizona. Although folk lore abounds with stories of how the wearing of copper helps ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, you might want to own jewelry made from copper just because it makes a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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