Three Bars In Belgravia To Go To Relax And Unwind

When you think of London’s hippest, most trendy districts, what do you imagine? It’s pretty likely that Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea, Mayfair and Belgravia factor pretty highly up. Take Belgravia, for instance. It’s one of the world’s wealthiest locations, with properties occupied by a plethora of famous faces. Developed during the 1820s, the district has always had a reputation for being cutting-edge and fashionable. And this is something that’s certainly reflected in its selection of boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Classy bars in Belgravia aren’t exactly hard to find. And they’re present in great variety too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply looking to get a memorable evening off to the best possible start, or want to unwind in a relaxed environment – there’s a good choice of bars in Belgravia to accommodate any kind of occasion.

If you’re not familiar with the bars in Belgravia, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a short, simply list detailing just three of the bars in Belgravia that feature on your list of places to stop off for a drink (or maybe two!).

Boisdale – Boisdale offers up entertainment in abundance. It’s one of the few bars in Belgravia that doubles up as a live music venue – regularly serving up a roaring soundtrack of jazz – and a restaurant too. If you enjoy whiskey, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The whiskey bar serves up vintage varieties, the traditional favourites, as well as whiskeys just waiting to be discovered. Boisdale, rather uniquely, boasts a cigar terrace and offers a selection of aged cigars. If you’re passing through, Boisdale is one of the bars in Belgravia you just have to visit.

The Bar and Terrace, Thompson Hotels Belgraves – Many of the bars in Belgravia can be found within hotels. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t stop by for a drink if you’re not a guest. In fact, many of them welcome locals and people passing through. The Belgraves hotel’s The Bar and Terrace is the perfect example of this. Step inside and you’ll find that it’s not like most bars in Belgravia. With its homely lounge feel and warm lighting, The Bar and Terrace is the ideal place to go for a catch-up with friends over a drink. Visit on a Wednesday and you’ll be able to sit back and take in the jazz.

The Halkin Bar, The Halkin – Again, another one of the bars in Belgravia situated within a hotel. The Halkin is as relaxed as bars in Belgravia come. Its quiet, private atmosphere is ideal for professionals looking for somewhere discreet to talk business over lunch. You could complement your drink with a spot of afternoon tea or the incredible selection of all-day tapas dishes curated by The Halkin’s Amesta restaurant.

However, as you’ll find with many bars in Belgravia, it can get quite busy. You might not always need to reserve a table, but it’s always worth calling ahead.

If you were to look around, you’d find many other fantastic locations in Belgravia to unwind, socialise or dance the night away at.

This article looks at just three of the bars in Belgravia where one could enjoy a memorable evening. For more information visit:

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