Beautiful Handmade Copper Sinks for Your Home

Copper sinks with their old world look create gorgeous ambience. The stunning look of copper sinks is quite unique and out of the box. But while the look of the copper sinks is what makes people take an interest in them the concern remains regarding how they will look like down the line in a few days, weeks or years. There are few important considerations that you should keep in mind.

What to look for when buying copper sinks?

Firstly, it is recommended to avoid sealed copper if one wants such sinks to be durable. Particularly, avoid lacquer sealer as it is likely to wear off creating spots. Though the amount of copper used to make various types of copper sinks may vary, the basic ingredient remains always copper. Remember, whether made from virgin or recycled copper both types of sinks are basically made of copper. Recycled copper is actually a greener alternative as it offers a good alternative to fresh mining of copper.

Myths about copper

In most copper sinks a little zinc is added in the manufacturing process to strengthen the copper, though the amount of zinc in any quality copper sink manufacturing does not exceed more than 2%. There are certain myths about copper that are baseless. There is a common folly that some manufactured item made of copper may contain lead and can be unsafe.

How copper sinks are made?

Raw copper is first melted down and then impurities are removed before giving shape to the melted copper. Sometimes very small amount of zinc is added to the melted copper to give strength. This melted copper is further shaped into a wide range of materials like bath sinks, kitchen sinks, sheets and other materials.
At the first step the copper is shaped into a simple working product and then turned into different sizes of sinks like the round one, oval ones or sinks of other patterns and shapes. Heating and hammering out the material into different molds and shapes, welding the sides and lastly creating a rich dark patina by burning the sink in fire, these are the procedures involved in shaping a finished copper sink.

For sinks copper is the liveliest material with natural shine

Copper, unlike many other materials offers a living feeling and sinks made of copper are no different in this respect. This lively range of sinks may lose its original color, but easily can be returned to its original shine and color by oxidizing. Darkening or oxidizing process from the regular use of sinks just do not happen overnight, but takes days and months of use. These changes from the use should be considered normal and in copper sinks these spots from the regular wear and tear just go away naturally. So unlike the sinks made of other metals, copper sinks are less prone to such changes. This temporary loss of shine and again returning to its earlier luster is a quintessential copper phenomenon so uncommon in other materials. This is precisely why copper is regarded as the liveliest material for various home d├ęcor materials and utensils.

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