Giving Luxury Christmas Hampers

They don’t have to break the bank but luxury Christmas hampers can prove a great gift idea for friends, family, loved ones, and even those that work within your organisation. There are many different options when it comes to the contents of the hamper, which not only means that you can choose from a number of different price ranges but it also means that you can find a hamper to suit anybody’s tastes and preferences.

As a general rule, a Christmas hamper will contain both food and some type of drink. Traditionally, the drink would be alcoholic and may come in the form of wine, sherry, or spirits while the food can range from traditional pantry items to more luxurious gifts. The hamper itself is also an important part of the gift and is not only attractive but built so that it will be as appealing as the contents within.

Smoked fish is a great option for inclusion within a luxury hamper. It is something that may people enjoy eating but that they can’t warrant buying on a regular basis. Smoked salmon, for example, can be prohibitively expensive for people to buy every week but when included in a hamper it can make the ideal gift for Christmas or for any occasion. It keeps well, too, which is an added benefit.

Sweets and chocolates can make a great alternative to smoked fish and meat. Chocolates are, of course, a traditional Christmas gift idea but by including them in a luxury hamper it is possible to create a unique gift. The hamper can be enjoyed by people of all ages and as well as chocolates, you can find those hampers that contain fruit and other sweet treats.

When it comes to the drinks there are many traditional options. For a traditional Scottish choice, and to accompany Scottish Smoked Salmon, you can consider giving the gift of whiskey. Luxury hampers may contain aged and expensive whiskey but any class of hamper should include a good quality and appealing bottle. Port, wine, and champagne are some of the other options that are available when shopping for a Christmas hamper. offers a large range of luxury Christmas hampers that include everything from smoked fish to attractive and great tasting whiskey, wine, and more.

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