Copper Theft Prevention Los Angeles Tips

Copper theft continues to be a big problem in the country motivated by a struggling economy and increasing copper prices. Thieves remove copper from homes, businesses, construction sites, cell towers, telephone landlines, electrical substations, water wells, railroads and in all place where copper is present. The FBI said that copper theft is destroying critical infrastructure and is becoming a security threat to the U.S.

The increasing demand of China for metal has caused the rise in the price of copper. China purchase huge amounts of copper for its mounting infrastructure requirements that keeps the steady copper price at $ 3-4/pound that even increases to over $ 4/pound. Copper is used in a wide range of purposes for both commercial and residential properties. Its abundance makes it a lucrative invitation for thieves.

How to Stop or Prevent Copper Theft

Copper theft causes loss of property and damage for U.S. businesses that amounts to about $ 1bn a year. This crime has become out of control that many businesses are investing on copper theft prevention methods. Following are the most common and effective copper theft prevention Los Angeles tips that can prevent the occurrence of this crime.

Security lighting. Security and appropriate lighting discourages theft. Prevent copper theft by ensuring that areas where copper is stored are well lighted.

Video surveillance. Thieves are becoming more fearless and brazen that even security lighting will not stop them from committing theft. To further enhance copper theft prevention, install video surveillance. This security system equipment is a major component to stop and document the copper theft in actual time. It also has a monitoring service with police access, so they, too, can watch if there is or identify who committed the crime.

Adequate employee and contractor screening. Copper theft among employees is a major business problem. The reason why employee copper theft occurs is they know where it is stored and installed. Employees are also great in identifying and disarming different security systems the areas where copper is present. Adequate screening of employees, particularly in companies that deal with huge amounts of products containing copper, should be performed. This should include background checks for criminal histories. It is essential for business to implement a zero-tolerance for intruders.

Hide the presence of copper. Conceal copper by putting equipment with copper inside to a less noticeable and secure place. If the copper cannot be relocated, paint the copper to hide its true nature and color.

Manage the supply of copper. Schedule the delivery of copper to prevent big volumes of copper on site. If there is a huge quantity of copper on site, keep them in lockable buildings, storage containers or wire cages. Use an accountability system for on-site storage of copper.

Report all incidents to the police. All incidents of break-ins and copper thefts should be reported to the police, as they can efficiently monitor the ‘hot’ spots and prevent expensive copper thefts.

The use of appropriate security systems and practices as well as active participation of local law enforcement units and community leaders will make copper theft prevention Los Angeles successful. For more information visit:

Adom Gill works for a fire prevention company and hence he is well aware of the equipment that every company, business or even homes have to maintain for safety purposes.
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