Lovely Magnetic Copper Bracelets

Wearing pieces of jewellery made of copper has always delivered a slight problem. Since the mineral is seeped by the body through the skin, it is almost inevitable that the process may leave a darkish green residue on the area where the piece of copper jewellery has come into contact. Fortunately, the mark is easily washed off by water. As an old remedy, the wearing of a copper bracelet is given an even greater boost in terms of effectiveness. Copper bracelets nowadays are infused with magnets which tremendously increase the body’s bio-rhythms. Each magnetic copper bracelet then is believed to help in lessening rheumatic arthritic pain. And people who already developed the habit of wearing magnetic copper bracelets are in the belief that it also cleanses the body of toxin which therefore improves blood circulation leading to better well being.

Essentially, as a trace mineral, copper is present in all body tissues. Together with iron, it definitely facilitates the formation of red blood cells and contributes in maintaining healthy bones, nerves, immune system, and blood vessels. Recently, the wearing of copper bracelets is also believed to alleviate pain caused by tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other painful ailments.

Some copper bracelets are hand crafted and those which include magnets are designed in combination with different metals for them to showcase a very attractive and unique appearance. The magnetic copper bracelets are considered to be of high quality. Some manufacturers of copper bracelets even claim that each copper bracelet is made of 100% pure solid mined copper assuring their prospective customers that their copper bracelets come with only the purest available copper.

Manufacturers are also competing in laying claim that their magnetic copper bracelets are not plated. Every manufacturer advertises the wide range of types of design in their arsenal of copper bracelets. There are copper chain bracelets, link copper bracelets, cuff copper bracelets, and other pieces included in their respective copper jewellery sets.

Pure copper bracelets may contain fine Egyptian lacquer which gives protection to the copper bracelet until the copper is finally worn. Specifically designed to wear off, the disappearance of the lacquer allows the copper to come into direct contact with the skin. Only solid copper bracelets without any type of plating may be cleaned using any of the commercially available brass or metal cleaner.

Each copper magnetic bracelet is designed to offer the benefits of magnetic therapy healing in addition to the benefits of wearing copper. Aside from coming in varying designs, copper magnetic bracelets also come in different plating – chrome, gold, and silver – which even makes them more appealing.

Ordinarily, each magnetic copper bracelet containing premium copper also consists of six strong magnets which are ideal for a low cost magnetic therapy healing aside from being a fashion piece of jewellery. Magnetic copper bracelets also come in cuff style which allows the shape of the bracelet to be altered, thus easily fitting the wrist.

Some manufacturers boast of their magnetic copper bracelets not only for having been made from solid copper but from having used 18k gold for plating. The gold plating undeniably makes the magnetic copper bracelet even more visually appealing.

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