Things to Consider When Buying a Copper Vessel Sink

When you are in the market to buy a copper vessel sink for giving finishing touches to your bathroom or kitchen décor, you need to keep few things in mind to make a informed decision. With growing demand for copper vessel sinks, many manufacturer’s are offering their products, so there is a vast selection of copper vessel sinks to choose from.

Let’s discuss few important things that you should consider when buying a copper vessel sink.

Types of copper vessel sinks

You can get copper vessel sinks in either “hand hammered” varieties or the ones that are mass produced by machines. The sinks that are hand hammered are produced in small artisan shops and their unique texture gives them a rustic look.

Their hammered texture not only adds beauty and character, but also strengthens the surface of sink and helps camouflage all those small marks that occur due to daily use. On the other hand, machine made sinks have a smooth finish and are available in factory produced standardized and rectangular shapes.

Quality of copper vessel sinks

Copper Purity

Ideally, copper vessel sinks should be manufactured from 99 percent pure copper with 1 percent zinc for ensuring its integrity and strength. You should check the purity of copper vessel sink that you are considering.

Copper Gauge

The thickness of copper (both hand hammered copper vessel sinks and those made in factories) varies and have significant effect on how sink wears over time. Copper gauge is measured by the thickness of copper and is sometimes referred to as weight per square foot.

You will find bath copper sinks from 20 to 16 gauge and most of the copper vessel sinks used in kitchens from 18 to 14 gauge. A copper sink with lighter gauge will make a tinny sound when water drums on the sink surface when faucet is turned on. Aside from this, copper sinks with thin gauge will dent easily.

Manufacturing technique

A good copper vessel sink is properly shaped. Even hand made copper vessel sinks that are perfect are never “out of round” or “out of square”. Therefore, you should avoid copper vessel sinks that appear misshapen. Most of these sinks are often sold as second.

You should also watch the drain hole, which should be of correct size to meet the code of your application. Many homeowners prefer the sinks that have drain hole in the center. Large copper vessel sinks have drain hole to the side to allow use of water at one end while pans and pots to be washed are stacked on the other side. Irrespective of the position of the drain, its bottom should slope gently towards the drain.

Surface – Which is the Best, Smooth one or Hammered?

When deciding on a sink with a hammered finish and one with smooth finish, you should keep two things in mind. First is your own preference. A smooth copper vessel sink usually has contemporary or modernist styling. On the other hand, hammered sinks have hand-crafted and warm appeal that fits well in traditional, ethnic, and rustic décor.

Patinas and Finishes

Copper vessel sinks are available in wide range of finishes from bright colored copper (shiny new penny), to even dark chocolate patina. What you choose depends upon your personal preference, but with a weathered patina, you can reduce upkeep associated with a shiny copper sink, because it keeps changing its color.

Lastly, company you are buying from should stand behind its products. Many high quality copper vessel sinks are available online on many websites and with some research, you can easily find the best copper vessel sink for your needs.

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