Mastering The Difference Between Bourbon Whisky And Other Spirits

All whiskey is just not bourbon whisky as some individuals may think. Processed whiskys are one of a kind spirits that have their beginnings in the American moonshine industry that took place in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky during the 1800s and early 1900s. These geographical locations were once territories of the Old Dominion, in which the making of do-it-yourself brews was commonplace.

Bourbon whisky includes a unique style that comes from the corn percentages within the recipe. The recipe requires fifty-one to seventy-nine percent corn. Water is combined with rolled or mashed grains and yeast which starts the process of fermentation. The fermented blend is then distilled to a spirit which is roughly eighty percent alcohol.

Furthermore, it is distilled a second time and aged for a minimum of 24 months in barrels constructed from charred oak. The result of this combination of unique tasks is a woody, mellow blend of flavors. These flavours deliver a taste which is distinct from other kinds of spirits which are made through standard procedures.

In normal processes, parts of the above recipe are used, but there are plenty of deviations which inevitably results in a sweeter flavored spirit. The ethanol volume amount is also considerably different amongst the two spirits. Most types of standard whiskey are often only forty % alcohol with regards to volume.

The same recipe is also utilized in Tennessee spirits; even so, its flavor carries a different overtone as the spirits are distilled and then filtered through sugar maple charcoal, think Jack Daniels. These brews are quite famous in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee and tours through the a number of facilities in which they’re produced is a well known attraction in such areas. It is easy to see from the various aforementioned facts that although the terms are often used interchangeably, a significant difference exists between bourbon whisky and other spirits.

Want to know more about how distillation works? Additional information on the distillation process and how to make whiskey are available online on numerous sites. Do a quick search and you’ll see that there are many resources available to get you going on your journey to making whiskey and learning how to distill.

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