Top Branded Promotional Items

Depending on the kind of clientele you’re wishing to impress, the appropriateness of your promotional gift can mean everything. You wouldn’t want to be giving away promotional headphones to companies that work with the hearing impaired. Just like you wouldn’t want to give away promotional lighters to children. Finding the appropriate promotional gift for the appropriate occasion, will be the key to whether your promotion is a success or goes up in flames, so to speak.

Personalized items are ideal for high end, lofty clients. Some of these may be imported chocolates or popular choices of alcohol like aged whiskey, or expensive champagnes. You may decide to use a corporate gift basket including many special items like champagne glasses, or shot glasses; imported cheeses are often appreciated. If you know what clients like to smoke you can give them branded cigarettes or cigars. While coming up with promotion gift ideas for your clients, remember that budget should always be your first concern. Figure out what you can afford, then decide the appropriateness of the campaign, and then consider the taste of the recipient.

However, for more low end clients, or if you trying to get your brand out to the general public, there is always a handful of promotional items that always seem to work. That is why you see them in offices everywhere and probably have tons of them lying all around your house. These are the most popular promotional items used, and they always bring results. One of these is calendars. Almost 40% of all businesses say that they have sent out a business calendar to their customers at some point over the year. A calendar can be an excellent choice because it is visible 365 days of the year, making your brand visible year round.

Yet another great promotional item that seems to always work, are office supplies; such as pens, calculators, card holders, even coffee mugs, anything that people can use regularly around the office. If a company is using your pens everyday, with your company logo on them, they might be more inclined to do business with you in the future. Small electronic gifts are always good like MP3 players or DVD’s. These can be excellent gift ideas but they can also be very expensive gift ideas.

However, the best kind of promotional gift is the one that clients take with them wherever they go, say on a key chain. Naturally, we’ve all seen and been bombarded with cheap plastic key chains, items people rarely use because most are unsightly eyesores. But what about classy, quality key rings? There are cash holders, ideal promotional items for banks or financial firms, but also pill holders and toothpick cases. These items will give your company not only the recognition and visibility it requires, but also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, as they represent quality, reliability, and trust.

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