5 facts about whiskey

After a week of busy work schedules, you might visit the Whisky bars in Singapore to relax your mind and have a great time. The drink is preferred by millions around the world and is immensely popular in Singapore too. When you visit the Singapore bars, you will find all major whisky brands in the menu. Most of the people who hop in for a quick drink prefer whisky because of its amazing taste and intoxicating effect. Here are few facts about this great drink.


It is said that whiskey was first used during the more than 4000 years ago during the times of Babylonian and Mesopotamian civilizations. Distillation of alcohol was started by the Latins during the 12th century. Later it spread to Ireland and Scotland and from then on whisky has been one of the most preferred drinks in the European zone. The greatness of the drink made it popular around the world in no time. During those times, whisky was never diluted and hence tasted a bit raw. The year 1608 marked the opening of the first licensed whisky distillery in the world. The Old Bushmills distillery was opened in northern part of Ireland. From then on the drink has takers from all over the world.

Health benefits

This is one factor that might not be known to most of you. If you drink whisky in moderate quantities, it can provide you with plenty of health benefits. It can prevent the occurrence of stroke and heart attack. A little amount of whisky everyday can help to reduce clotted arteries and can increase the amount of good cholesterol. It can also be used effectively against cancer cells. Now, next time you visit the whisky bars Singapore, you have more reasons to order a couple of drinks!

Whiskey and Whisky

You might have noticed the difference in spelling while buying this amazing drink from various places. If you see the label “whiskey” with an “e” you can be sure that the drink is made in Scotland, Canada or Japan. The drink produced in almost all other parts of the world comes with an “e” in the spelling. Hence, if you are ordering the drink in America or Australia you should look for the label “whiskey”.

Scotch whisky

The most popular whisky preferred by people all over the world is Scotch whisky. It is distilled twice and aged in oak casks for at least 3 years before transferring to a bottle. Not all other whiskey brands around the world are allowed to age for 3 years and this is one of the prime reasons that make the Scotch variant of the drink better than the rest. There are plenty of premium brands of Scotch whisky available in the world today and the costliest of them was around 150 years old and recently auctioned for a whopping Guinness world record price.

The variants

There are plenty of variants of whisky available today. Among the most popular ones are blended, single grain, blended malt and single malt whisky. Glenfiddich is one of the most popular brands of single malt whisky even today and it might be because they were the first to sell it around the world.

Next time you take a sip of your favorite brand of whisky, you can be sure that you know pretty much about the drink!

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