The Best Scotch Whiskey in the World

Their single malt whisky is one of the most flavorsome drinks out there with subtle yet complex taste. If you take one of the famous Whiskey tours in Scotland, you will see that these drinks are made from malted barley and undergo the traditional distillation process before they are aged in oak casks for the minimum of three years. This whisky is mostly associated with Scotland but one can find some premium scotch produced in Ireland too. The distillation of whisky in Scotland is something that has been going in for centuries and something that they take pride in.

Years back, distillation of Whisky in Scotland was taxed so heavily that the production became largely illegal. Only after the 1823 when parliament intervened that the whisky became profitable for the producers. From that day to this day, Scotland is the reigning king of some of the finest whisky in the world, exporting its sweet poison to many parts of the world. If you attend one of Scotland’s Whiskey Tours, you will find out that the history of this drink is as succulent as the drink itself!

Here are some of the well known brands that the world enjoys as one!


This single malt whisky known as Laphroaig borrows its name from Loch Laphroaig, located in the Isle of Islay. Receiving its royal warrant from the Prince of Wales himself, this is supposed to be his favorite single Malt whisky, or so they say in the Whiskey tours in Scotland!


It may be one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, but it does produce one of the finest whiskies. This single malt whisky has a balanced, classic taste that graces your taste-buds the right way.


This whiskey has won multiple awards and for all the right reasons. The Ardbeg distillery sources the water for its whisky from Loch Uigeadail and the barley for the malt from Port Ellen, the taste thus produced is one of the best there is!


This one goes back 15 years. Dalwhinnie has a smoky taste, light sweetness for the palate and is lighter than other single malts in the category. Dalwhinnie borrows its name from Gaelic, meaning “meeting place”.

Highland Park

This one is unlike any other distillery in Scotland. Operating since 1798, this all rounder scotch, malts its own barley in Orkney. Winning several awards for its taste and flavor, Highland Park is known to be an all-rounder whisky. It has also won several gold medals for its 25-year old single malt scotch. Your Scotland Whiskey Tour will perhaps tell you that it used to a Michael Jackson favorite too.

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