Copper Chimney Caps- a Reliable Protective Cover for Your Chimney

Chimney caps copper are one of the most popular designs for chimney installation, remodel and repair.
Besides the added beauty of these chimney caps, copper is one of the least heat resistant metals used for chimneys and chimney are subject to high heat, either from external weather or other sources, or flue heat, they offer the best protection for warping, melting or destruction. A cooper chimney will ensure years of functionality for your chimney and chimney cap.

These caps require very little maintenance. For those who want the natural appearance of copper, the natural green patina that develops over time, there is no need for maintenance at all. If, however, you prefer to keep your cap with its shiny brilliance, will need to brushed and wiped down periodically.
As with chimney, caps made from other materials, copper chimney caps will prevent the intrusion into your chimney and flue of birds, squirrels and other small animals. Animals, particularly nesting birds, can cause an obstruction of your chimney and cause a back up of smoke, which will damage your walls and possessions.

A properly installed copper chimney cap will also guarantee that smoke, even from an unobstructed chimney flue, will properly flow up the flue and outside the chimney. If a cap is not properly installed, this also could subject the homeowner to potential backflow of smoke and damage to the home. A properly fitted cap can also help prevent water damage to your chimney.
To make certain your chimney cap copper functions properly, it is imperative that an expert measure and install the cap. Many chimney caps come premade and may need to be trimmed or altered to fit your chimney. This makes it imperative that a knowledgeable and experienced professional install your cap.
Your properly installed chimney cap will protect your home and roof for years and give your home a beautiful appearance as well.

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